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Week 8 MKMMA 2014 Still No Negative Thoughts!

Positive thoughts #2

Our journey in the Master Key class continues with no surprise … eliminate all negative thoughts….converting those that slip into our minds, within seconds to a positive thought. The Law of Dual Thought says you cannot have more than one thought at a time so it goes without saying we cannot have a negative thought while a positive thought is already in place…and conversely so. Sounds logical of course. The plan and instruction is to switch gears as quickly as we have a negative thought…converting to a positive one thereby replacing the negative emotion with a positive one.

This last week has been a bit of a challenge for me to keep the negative emotions at bay. Some troubling information came to my attention and it bumped up against all my strength to stay positive. It was something I needed to deal with, financially charged, and family related…why is it that family issues are often our most energized feelings? It certainly is the case in this situation. So I had the issue, then complicated it with another dimension of emotions. Double whammy. I knew I was in deep and knew it was going to take all I could give it to practice the Law of Substitution …and get my mind switched into positive thinking. On many occasions it challenged me more than I care to admit. positive switch

After a few days of this struggle….negative, positive, negative, positive, I sat back and looked at the situation from a new perspective. I asked myself what this means to me in the big scheme of things. Yes it is uncomfortable in the moment, but most likely I will forget all about this in the months, years to come, so why take away from my joy here and now? It really is a drop in the bucket overall. As soon as I determined it was, paid the amount of unplanned funds and allowed myself to relax about it all, I was able to see the ‘almost’ funny side of the situation. I figured there has to be one! a new perspective

6 thoughts on “Week 8 MKMMA 2014 Still No Negative Thoughts!”

  1. i really appreciated your sharing so honestly your struggles as well as creative solutions from a veteran of the Program. It really helps to see That in action! Progress not perfection…significant progress I must say, but as you admit, not perfection in all situations! Thank you.

  2. Sam Kawamura says:

    Enjoyed the blog. Strength and power of the mind. Love the way you handled the situation.

  3. Lydia says:

    Appreciate your thoughts Sam. Looking at the bigger picture sure helps sometimes!

    1. Lydia says:

      Thank you Janet. It feels like it is always many many small steps vs big hurdles of success….such a great way to journey!

  4. Mary Spicer says:

    Amazing application of the Laws of the Mind, Practice, Perseverance and new Perspective! We have access to some “mind blowing” tools. Rock on Sister Friend. Thank you for sharing YOU, with honesty and truth. I’m honored to be sharing this Journey!

    1. Lydia says:

      Thx! Right back atcha …sister friend…Rock on!

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