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Week 7 MKMMA 2014 The Mental Diet

This week’s Master Key class was focused on the 7 Day Mental Diet….what’s that? A full 7 days…yes 24 hrs each day…with absolutely no negative thoughts…sounds like it could be rather easy…until you start and even a few seconds of anything at all negative is a full STOP and a fresh new start over point. Yikes….this could be tough and having done this a year ago, I know it was tough! Charging and boosting my mind to think only positives …starting NOW!
positive negative boost plugs

I am a positive person by nature…have always looked at things from a positive perspective and almost always found the silver lining in even the most devastating circumstances….and I have experienced my share of them. Yet when day to day happenings happen…it is quite amazing the smallest thoughts can be of the negative aspect. Wow! A real eye opener for me. Just before starting this blog, I wanted a cup of tea so I plugged in the kettle, grabbed a tea bag and cup and within moments thought …why is this kettle taking so long? BAM! Fresh start…How many restarts are we allowed? No maximum…in other words, we start again and have a new beginning each and every time we allow a negative thought to enter our thoughts. positivenegative compass Staying focused on what we want in our future will take a very positive thought process. My compass reminds me of my own personal heart’s true north. Negativity will slow down my progress so sticking to this Mental Diet will serve me well.

no negative

I welcome the week ahead with a new perspective and energy. Mastering this 7 Day Diet can only move me closer to my Definite Major Purpose so there is no downside….except maybe the scale with more positive than negative thoughts…positivenegative scale

8 thoughts on “Week 7 MKMMA 2014 The Mental Diet”

  1. Chanile says:

    This is the first time I have visited your Blog. I love the format! Great insights. This is hard work and oh sooooo worth it!

    1. Lydia says:

      Thx for visiting Chanile! Yes the work certainly is worth every effort put into it!

  2. Sam Kawamura says:

    Is it any wonder that you are mentioned so often by Mark J? Beautifully crafted site. Mind diet? Enjoyed your blog. You are the copilot of our journey and I really appreciate the guidance.

    1. Lydia says:

      Sam so kind of you to say…I am just along for the ride on your journey…you are doing all the real work. It’s a fun partnership for sure! Blessings!

  3. Hello Lydia…I wanted to see what a first class blog looks like as I just enlisted Heather to create a hosted blog for me. I love your site as it is a great example of what’s possible. when you shoot for excellence and mastery in a area you’re passionate about….Thank you for leading the way!

    1. Lydia says:

      Thanks Dennis. I give all the credit to the tech gurus that support me and certainly Heather is one! I really enjoy seeing your contributions in Alliances. You add great value and support the whole class. Many thx!

  4. Joseph Ebel says:

    Lydia, you have an awesome blog site and I enjoyed your post on the mental diet. Not an easy task, but I’m conquering it more and more. I should look into a hosted blog with Heather, since looking at yours I’m saying WOW!Thanks for sharing your wisdom with our class.

    1. Lydia says:

      Thx for dropping by Joseph! Yes the Mental Diet sure is a challenge and one worth pursuing for sure. Good luck with yours as well.

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