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Week 4 MKMMA 2014- I Have a Dream


During this week, the class is narrowing in on their final DMPs (Definite Major Purpose) statements. After many iterations and no doubt many frustrations, it is a thrill reading how clear and descriptive so many visions of their futures have become over the past few weeks.

So as I have been working as a Guide in this year’s class, I get to read and support these DMP changes…such an honour as I have noted before. In my inbox this morning, a former credit union colleague sent some notes on Leadership. Timely for sure and since I don’t believe in coincidences, I somehow know I am meant to share his words and video today.

As i snip from Alisdair Smith’s blog, I share his and my own insights…:”One of great examples of a vision statement, in my view is Martin Luther King’s vision in August of 1963 Martin Luther King “I have a dream”.

• A vision describes, ‘where do I want to go.’
• A mission describes why I would go there, (what common good will come from it?)
• Values describe ‘who will I be on the journey.’

As a leader in my own life , I need to know where I’m going. Yes, this is about business or career, but it is also about personal growth; what are my dreams? Or in the wonderful metaphor from Stephen Covey, what do you want people to say about you at your funeral?

As a personal life leader, I need to know why I’m going there, and typically that is about a common good. Although this does not happen for all leaders, many leaders change their mission as they get older. Moving from a selfish mission about ego and financial success to doing something for the community, for the good of the city or country, or even world.

As a leader I need to know whom I will be on the journey. What are the lines I will not cross about integrity, about honesty, about compassion? And to be fair, we sometimes do not know about the line until we see it. What are the values that people can count on me for? At the end of the journey, will I be able to hold my head up and say, ‘I did it well, and I did it respecting myself and others?’

Living a Vision, a Mission with Values…..that is why this class keeps pushing through. The journey is worth it and so are they.

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