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Week 3 – I Want it & I want it NOW

Demand and persistence is sometimes best demonstrated by a very young child. A short while ago I watched as my 3 year old grandson wanted to do something….play a video game on his mom’s ipad. She just got home from work and barely unloaded her arms of this and that when Beckett said, not asked, for her ipad. She said the most typical phrase of any parent….”in a minute”. Having no concept of what a minute is, and having heard it before, he said, with passion and meaning, “no I want it now”! (Don’t give me any of that minute wait stuff, is what he probably really wanted to say!).

What is so brilliant about his demands, is that he demands it! While being an onlooker, I can see my daughter’s frustration, I could also see his determination and as I linked it to the Master Keys program I am so enjoying, I couldn’t help thinking that he is right and making no bones about his wishes.

We somehow lose that demand for what we want and slide into a role of acceptance. I guess good manners, role models and simply time makes us move away from an assertiveness for what we want. With years, comes an almost allowance to letting us want more, and settle for what we get.

So as I watched, and chuckled at the display of Beckett’s determination, I silently said I wish I was like him….demanding, focused, and very determined in getting what he wants. I can only wish he never loses that drive to get his wishes and dreams to come true, albeit with a little more style.

I wonder how many of us had that same drive at one time, and manners, time and discipline re-shaped it into acceptance without the tenacity we so deserve. Ok, so that was probably a long time ago for all of us. I will remember what a 3 year old showed me today- the positive side of not settling.

Thanks Beckett. Oh to be 3 again and not except anything less than what you absolutely want…NOW!

7 thoughts on “Week 3 – I Want it & I want it NOW”

  1. Nicole W says:

    Reblogged this on nicolewmasterkey and commented:
    have to get back in touch with that inner child who won’t take no for an answer!

  2. paulk13 says:

    Wonderful insight Lydia, totally agree with you. BTW, I want it now too!!

  3. John Kennedy says:

    Great way of looking at it Lyd. I think too often we say of the younger generation that for them it’s all about “instant gratification”….and perhaps for many it is. But I’ve gotta believe like you some are just flat out determined and focused on what they want and aren’t timid about saying so!

  4. So true. How many of us just stop asking ourselves for what we want because we just aren’t as passionate as Beckett! With the help of Master Keys, we will replace that old blueprint.

  5. Lydia, I loved your story! Makes my blog look pretty blah & boring. I’ll have to work on that in weeks to come as I learn more about blogging (and about myself)!

  6. Haha. Children sometime have more insight then adults. This shows that we have to stand strong for what we want

  7. David Sigler says:

    Perfect perspective Lydia

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