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Week 10 Stubbornness vs Determination

I was born in Germany, and along with my German roots, I also have Lithuanian roots. A trait that comes along with being German is “stubbornness” and so they say the same for having roots in Lithuania. Double whammy I guess. Then again who makes up these “traits”? Is there an official that designates a culture with a matching trait? Like red heads being hot tempered…just more programming over the years. I used to believe I was lucky being blonde, and not a red head given the starting place with the imposed trait already built in. How could I possibly have managed being German and a red head?? Oh my!

I was reminded of this particular “stubbornness” trait on many occasions throughout my life…most often in a not so favourable way…. with 5 brothers and parents that were barely able to keep up with the needs and demands of their own roles, I often wanted to be heard over the crowd. When I wasn’t, which was often, I made it known.

As I am knee-deep in this month’s reading of the Greatest Salesman in the World, scroll 3, I have been reflecting on my past and my birth “trait”. ” I persist until I succeed “, Mandino writes, and as I read each line, over and over, I am also reminded that I am determined and driven…attributes worthy of placement in my subby…so good-bye stubbornness- you have been reframed!

So I chose today to leave “stubbornness” far behind and claim my right to the higher attributes of determination and drive! Why? Because I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy! I persist. I win.

I choose to believe what I am…not what someone says I am.


12 thoughts on “Week 10 Stubbornness vs Determination”

  1. Congratulations, Lydia! I’m still struggling against the old blueprint!

    1. lydjohnson says:

      Thanks so much. Each day a step forward!

  2. Lyd….Sie sind ganz, perfekt, stark, mächtig, liebevoll, harmonisch und glücklich. Neuen Deutschen Eigenschaften!

    1. lydjohnson says:

      I am very impressed John!!!! Of course it could all be gibberish, but you are fooling me then!

      1. jkmkmma says:

        Translate to see……

  3. I believe in YOU!!! And you are wonderful!! I am so blessed to be on the journey with you!!!
    With love and Gratitude

    1. lydjohnson says:

      Thanks so very much!!!! Right back at you!

  4. Lydia,

    It’s a blessing to be made aware of thoughts that have been there in the back of our minds for most of our lives. It’s great to see you becoming the observer and not the drifter.

    1. lydjohnson says:

      Yes much more the observer…the journey continues. Many thanks.

  5. MKJohaira says:

    Short and sweet…Lydia, YOU are so awesome! I love how each of us keep kicking that old blue print harder along the path. It feels like an onion, we keep pealing the layers. :)

    1. lydjohnson says:

      Thanks so very much! Must be why I cry often too :)

  6. Dan Higley says:

    This is beautiful how you re-framed your attributes for your subby. It is exciting to read how you continue to learn and grow.

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