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Week 5- MKMMA 2014 Power Ranger Perspective

IMG_2334Like a lot of kids around the world, my grandkids were out trick or treating the other night. I like helping out around their place to get them ready, and have the anticipated fun with them before they venture off with their parents. Beckett is 4 and a Power Rangers fan! His mom found his costume about 6 weeks ago and Beckett has been anxious to wear it “for real” ever since. I asked him why he liked the Power Ranger so much and without any hesitation, he said cause it makes me more powerful….makes sense, of course. He also has a Batman costume and a SpiderMan costume from other years or dress up events. No sooner does he pull on his mask but he charges and moves his body into a way that shows his power and everyone around better watch out. This dude means business. It made me think of the cement we have on us…layer after layer, year after year. Where is our powerful self, without a costume or the cement? How is it that at such a young age we forget just how powerful we already are. I knew right then I needed to step up my own game to deepen Beckett’s belief in his own powers…with or without a costume to make it so. At the tender age of 4 his imagination goes wild, and I love to watch and listen to his amazing stories of heroic episodes. How precious to stay with that power all through our lives….no cement, no costumes needed…just affirmed beliefs of being strong and powerful. Oh what a different world we would have with everyone growing u that way. My work continues….one imprint at a time.

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