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Week 22A Silence MKMMA 2014/15

silence #2


This week’s MKMMA opportunity was to find time for SILENCE…complete silence…..whether it be a simple hour, a half or full day or a beautiful couple of days to embrace the quiet. Giving up technologies, of all kinds and choosing to spend time alone with no conversations with others. What a beautiful treat anyone can do for themselves…once planned and committed to the execution of doing so. I have enjoyed reading the many wonderful silence retreat experiences from the many classmates in this Master Key course….from simple 1 hour trials to 3 days of complete retreats to the quiet of the woods and secluded cabins to meet with no one other than themselves. I thank my classmates for sharing in their very personal experiences and remind us all of the following….in gratitude….


4 thoughts on “Week 22A Silence MKMMA 2014/15”

  1. I think your post says it all…The silence is Awesome. Thank you for all of your great comments both on my blog and in the alliances area…Peace & Blessings.

    1. Lydia says:

      Thx for your kind words Stephen. It is so great to be on this journey with you.

  2. Sam Kawamura says:

    The amount of time we sit in silence only matters when we are not doing it at all. Whenever we sit, it is called “precious moments”.

    1. lydia johnson says:

      oh so true Sam…so very true.

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