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WEEK 22 Circumstances Conditions Environment

DREAMS….. How can a DREAM come true, if you haven’t got one?  A great question written about in lots of places…hardly a quote…just a simple question. Simple yet so meaningful.

While I journey through my deep dive Master Key Master Mind Alliance  (MKMMA) virtual course, I am moving toward my dreams in a more designed,  orchestrated manner, almost step by step. We often speak of  our “old blueprints” those that we have been building our lives with….not unlike the construction of a house. When the blueprint is not a solidly connected, strong structure design…house of cards type of design, how can we build a literally life-long progressive, healthy, purposeful life on it?

Working my way through the re-design phase of my own blueprint, to strengthen my foundation design  before I build on the many future years of more dreams,  I often think of climbers on Everest.  They have one main goal…the get to the summit…alive. I actually wonder if some make that their real primary goal, instead of making the goal summiting and returning alive. What really drives them? getting to the top or returning safely? I wonder.

So, when an Everest climber sets out from base camp, they know they have the ultimate goal in mind, yet they have many short term goals to achieve before getting to the summit. Years, months, weeks and days of preparation are simply part of their plan. Yet day by day, in fact, hour by hour, they must be ready to make changes. They take 3 things into account, almost minute by minute, CCE.

Circumstances – team readiness, timing and many more

Conditionsphysical, equipment, supplies and many more

Environmentweather – actual & forecast, landscape shifts, other teams and ?

Kathmandu Everest Delhi Nov 2013 083

We are not any different….as we progress towards our goals. We have the goal set in our minds and having worked through this MKMMA we know how to work with a SUCCESS FORMULA:

DMP ( Definite Major Purpose) + PMA ( Positive Mental Attitude + POA ( Plan of Action + MMA (supported by a Master Mind Alliance) = Success!

The Everest climbers use this exact same formula. Every successful person does.

I was recently reminded how important using the CCE is along my own journey. As I was working with my POA ( Plan of Action), like the Everest climbers, I needed to take a close look at my current Circumstances, Conditions and the current Environment.  When I did take all CCE into account, I course corrected my route to ensure I too, would get to my end goal as desired….again, like the climbers, a step by step progression.

So with this is mind, I reminded  myself  to Never compromise a DREAM. ALWAYS compromise on how it will come true.

May you also remember to check CCEs and course correct as needed.

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10 thoughts on “WEEK 22 Circumstances Conditions Environment”

  1. Luther Witt says:

    Lydia,What a treat your writing style is very easy going with a content rich message
    One of our favorite shows on Netflix was a documentary of a guide taking experts as well as novices on the journey to the summit if you have not viewed a recommend it.
    Should not this be Week 22???

    1. lydjohnson says:

      Thanks again and thanks for the tip about the documentary. that is now on my must watch list! oops about the week…I will change that so again my gratitude to you!

      1. jlauden says:


        So Glad I returned as promised. This was a great analogy using the Everest climb and DMP. I have printed and will use for future talks in front of Networking groups when the situation arises. I am wondering if the main goal is to arrive at the top safely and then change or add to the goal and return safely.

        Thanks again and as always Kudos on a really excellent post.


  2. lydjohnson says:

    Welcome back John. An interesting wondering…I am thinking like most “climbs/challenges” in life the real opportunity lies in the journey and who we become along the way.

  3. Rosemarie says:

    Great post, Lydia. I, too, enjoyed your Mt Everest and DMP analogy. And, thanks for the reminder to check our CCEs and correct our courses when needed.

    1. lydjohnson says:

      Thanks Rosemarie. We are all in different parts of our climbs to great summits!

  4. I had not heard of CCE – love it! Love the analogy and tie in to all that we are learning. Thank you Lydia – you have given me more ways to solidify what we are doing.

    1. lydjohnson says:

      You are so very welcome. I love how we all learn from each other :)

  5. Justin Leader says:

    Simple to apply and simple to understand its defintion. Why do we complicate ourselves, dreams and how to attain them? This was bare bones training – great connection.

    1. lydjohnson says:

      You ask a good question Justin…I also wonder why we feel we need to complicate things. Being an observer shows us how simple it really can be.

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