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Week 20 Crazy Emotions mixed with Worry MKMMA 2014/15

This week our class is dealing with some pretty familiar emotions that most of us have, at some point or another, Rare it is that someone can claim never having felt these, so you will be all too familiar with each… allow me to introduce the top of the charts our class focused feelings… no particular order … Fear, Hurt Feelings, Anger, Guilt, Unworthiness. A power packed 5. Like I said, I am sure you have experienced any or all of these often enough. I will admit, there were times they would rain on me altogether almost daily.

Converting these into tools has been our challenge this week. How is it that we can make each work FOR us, not against us? Fun stuff and after reading classmates posts all week, I can see how many have succeeded. But I don’t want to talk about them as tools….at least not just yet.

I do want to talk about Worry. Where that is and is not different from FEAR, since so many of us have fear of something….sometimes it doesn’t even make sense what it is we are worrying about, yet we still do it, nonetheless. I admit I have had my fair share of worry, which really is just fear with more letters. And it drove me crazy in many ways. Does that sound crazy? Bet you can relate.



I happened upon a Face Book video that a friend posted today. I watched it based on her encouraging words to take the few minutes. I have never heard of this Divorce Court TV show, nor the Judge. In fact, these shows would likely be near the bottom on my viewing list if I did watch TV often, which I don’t. Yet, I must give full kudos to the Judge in this clip. She addresses a woman about her anger and insecurities and shares some incredible wisdom here…of all places on a TV show about Divorce. Hey, I have stopped questioning where wisdom comes to me. I embrace it from any channel. (and I don’t mean TV Channel) Take a moment and check out her advice on a Worry List and on Fighting your Crazy….owning our stuff. I like the part about surrendering to one’s better self. Check it out here….  Crazy

It made me stop to think…what is on my Worry list? Why is it there and is my list longer than it needs to be? Do I even need a list? What if I didn’t worry? What would happen to me? Would my world change all around me? Would it be brighter? lighter? What would a world feel like that was Worry Free? This is my Worry List goal. What’s on yours and why?worry list


2 thoughts on “Week 20 Crazy Emotions mixed with Worry MKMMA 2014/15”

  1. anna says:

    Lydia, this is great, you always distill it down to the straightforward truth. Thank you!

    1. Lydia says:

      Thank you Anna.

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