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Week 2 MKMMA 2014- A Privileged & Humbled Place to Walk

With a full week behind us on our 26 week journey together….550 committed worldwide members of this year’s class are moving step by step into their personal discoveries…all heroes. Simply amazing.

As one of many Guides I get to help a handful or two move in the direction of their DMPs…Definite Major Purposes in life. Imagine for just a moment…..writing your deepest, most passionate dreams and desires, into a document and sending it across thousands of kms/miles in most cases, to a complete stranger…that’s me on the receiving end….to have it read and given feedback on how to make it even more dynamic and “real”. It’s quite incredible I think. In most cases most of us have never shared our deepest dreams with our own families, loved ones, or closest friends and yet somehow these beautiful strangers have allowed me to hold their dreams in my hands and heart for them. 

I read many of these initial versions of my new faceless strangers’ DMPs this past week. Some brought me to tears with their passion and drive to be all they can be in the months and years to come. While reading each person’s DMP, I was overcome with a sense of privilege and honour to hold their dreams in my hands….by way of my very laptop screen and then in my heart….I am humbled, truly….to be a guide on this journey with each of them.

What occurred to me after the emails flew back and forth, was that each of these brave heroes is guiding me on my own journey, as much as I may be guiding them on their journeys. Keeping me committed to my promises, my actions, my own dreams.
Thank you to the heroes I get to be connected to closely in this year’s Master Key Master Mind class. How wonderful to have this great company for the next 6 months. I wonder how and what will become of each brave soul. I only know they are on the right path to discover for themselves their own journeys.

Thank you for this privilege my new loved companions.

5 thoughts on “Week 2 MKMMA 2014- A Privileged & Humbled Place to Walk”

  1. I so appreciate your enthusiasm, support and specific feedback! Thank you and peace be your way.

    1. Lydia says:

      Thx Elaine…beautiful picture!

  2. Lydia, your hard word, generosity and dedication to this wonderful Master Keys Mastermind Alliance self discovery process is amazing and inspiring to all of us, with your constant help and encouragement in the Alliances, and all the other ways you contribute so vigorously to the Mastermind! It’s great to hear from you that your efforts are also reaping personal rewards for your own journey.

    1. Lydia says:

      So grateful for your kind words Michael. I am so pleased to have met so many great new people on this journey and that you and I have now become friends because of MKMMA just shows how powerful this course really is! Enjoy the journey.

  3. Joyce Lorta says:

    Thanks for your support and guidance on this journey, much appreciated!

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