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Week 18 What would the person I intend to become, do next?

The big question that was given to our MKMMA class last week was… What would the person I intend to become, do next?”


big questionWhoaza! I have spoken to several class members since and know this hit them as much as it hit me…or better said…knocked me over! It’s always comforting to know I am not alone when a doozy like that crosses my path.

What is one to do with a rocket question like that??

rocketIt immediately made me sit up taller, physically which was strange in and of itself… but emotionally taller for sure. That reaction was coupled with a stream of thoughts of things I could do…. that was good news I figured because after all these weeks….18 but who is counting? I had better come up with something!

It is like that question woke me to new action and I know I am already an action maker. So what gives? I turned to my trusty old favourites….what could I be doing  MORE  BETTER  DIFFERENT  or  LESS?

abracadabraThese 4 almost magic words have served me well in the past…both personally and professionally.  I use them often when I work with corpoarte leaders, and even personally with people who may get stuck from time to time.  Pretty much everything can get put into one of these 4 buckets.

So I found myself filling each bucket in the last few days…with ideas that the person I intend to become would do…..a little MORE of this. A little BETTER with that….A few odds and ends in the DIFFERENT bucket and in fact, I added the most in the LESS bucket.

thinkThe question sits with me all day, every day. I have it written on an index card and it stares at me! I made several cards with the same question so I will not be without it…desk, car, bathroom, nightstand. and refrigerator door.

I am happy to share the question with you too…..What would the person you intend to become, do next?


17 thoughts on “Week 18 What would the person I intend to become, do next?”

  1. Great question!!! And we all have some great answers!!!

    1. lydjohnson says:

      Yes That is the best part…we all have our own great answers :)

  2. Lydia,
    I understand. The question hit me like a ton of bricks. Thanks for sharing.

  3. masterkeymarco1 says:

    Lydia, yes, that is The Big One…I found myself using it a lot with others too this week, it is like a big stiff shot of Scotch: wakes you up :)

    1. lydjohnson says:

      Single malt of course!

  4. otbsolutionsgp says:

    You are so right, this question is a real shocker, and one that is hard to get my mind around. More – Better – Different – Less
    Your 4-word suggestion breaks it down for me, and helps me get my arms around the bigger, deeper question. Thanks so much for your help!

    1. lydjohnson says:

      Thanks for the comment Beth. Yes I find those 4 words can pretty much capture everything we need to do :)

  5. Lydia – your choice of the 4 buckets has me thinking…in addition to what the question already did for me (and that was quite a slap unto itself). I will consider the more, better, different and less and let you know how it goes. Thank you for being you!

    1. lydjohnson says:

      Glad you like the buckets….hey they can make choices a little easier :)

  6. David Sigler says:

    Just asking the question one starts filling in the _________. Lydia you hit a home run with a very thought provoking piece.

  7. I am with you, that questions hit me right between the eyes. I love your blog and the way you share your journey and your learnings

    1. lydjohnson says:

      Thanks Cheryl….it still amazes me how just a few words can rock our boats!

  8. Louise says:

    A really thought provoking piece. I like the 4 buckets.

    1. lydjohnson says:

      Thx Louise. the buckets have always simplified things for me :)

  9. masterkeynow says:

    It is quite the question. I have had some difficulty in answering it. I have been reading obituaries and find that people tend to be modest even in death. We should be able to proclaim our achievements. I have always felt that we should leave this earth a better place when we move on. That is one of the things we need to focus on. Great blog post!

    1. lydjohnson says:

      Appreciate your comments. Yes we certainly would like to leave a better place behind….our jobs is to do it all now so as to make that leave behind a reality.

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