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Week 18 Power of a Mastermind MKMMA 2014



We have learned the value of a MMA Mastermind Alliance -2 or more people who are working in perfect harmony towards their dreams. I am proud of the intimate group of 5 of us who meet each weekday morning to share gratitudes, successes, challenges and goals for the day. This past week something very cool happened to me as well as everyone on my Mastermind alliance. Each one of us had some challenging days for a variety of reasons, yet today when we met at our usual conference call time, we each shared significant wins that we each experienced in the final days of the week. Collectively our energies were working for each other as we listen and share any concerns, challenges, triumphs and ideas. In our busy lives we all had some kind of breakthrough from a flunk, as I had experienced, to the simplicity of time challenged. We each won by taking small consistent steps. The power of a mastermind..


It’s only been a few months when we began our MMA journey during our final months of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance class yet already we know we don’t want to part after the class wraps up. A bond of sorts has emerged and we believe we will be continuing along our Monday to Friday morning check-ins for a long time yet to come. Here’s the strange part…we are 5 people from varying backgrounds who all have this Master Key class in common, yet none of us have even met as yet. [I did meet one member several years ago totally unrelated at a business conference yet never stayed connected after that event…probably 4 years ago.] We are separated by miles in where we live locally in the Vancouver market, and one member joins in from southern California. Five believers of five different dreams bonded by the power of the Mastermind, and believing in each other as well as each other’s dreams. Together we support one another, offer suggestions when invited, applaud each other’s spirit and anxiously wait for the next morning’s call to do it all again. Simply, effective, beautiful.






My favourite times are when an alliance member deepens our readings by how he or she was able to add the lesson into their day, or sometimes just into their very short lived moment in time yet one of breakthrough impact and share that with us.We each cheer our member on and know that simply by hearing the comment, the rest of us somehow learned even more about the same passage of script we all read for the week. It is a blessing to be a listener and gain more each day. Einstein and many many more great thinkers, thought leaders and success magnets were so right about the power of the Mastermind.


4 thoughts on “Week 18 Power of a Mastermind MKMMA 2014”

  1. Brilliant first hand thoughts Lydia, on the power of a mastermind. I am proud to be on this journey with you and the rest of the peeps.

    1. lydia johnson says:

      Thx Michael. My journey is that much brighter because of knowing you. :)

  2. Sam Kawamura says:

    You are the spark that starts my day. Love your energy and spirit.

    1. Lydia says:

      Right back atcha!!

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