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Week 17 Giving myself PERMISSION


permission grantedGiving  myself PERMISSION …..This week’s Master Key class assignment had a few outstanding lessons but one that has stuck with me throughout the week, was that of giving myself PERMISSION.

Seems simple enough doesn’t it?  I thought so too, and yes for many things it can be that simple. In fact writing this blog is late for me. I like to stick within the time parameters week by week, even have writing this blog in my calendar so as to dedicate time just for it. But Murphy’s Law made it less possible to be adhering to my usual timeliness. So instead of pushing myself, and taking away from other high value time spent with my 3 grandkids, I actually reminded myself to have PERMISSION to be late on this occasion. [Sidebar- my daughter, the grandkids’ mom is doing some amazing volunteer business work in several small towns and villages in Ghana, Africa, so I am supporting that great work by being even more hands on with the kids….anything to deflect them missing her helps.]

So like all of us, giving ourselves PERMISSION to be delayed with something, feels much better than stressing over it for hours or days ….like our MKMMA class leader and facilitator says….pull up your big girl (or big boy) panties and make a decision.  So I did.

Even writing the above makes so much more sense of the understanding of Giving myself PERMISSION, one of my key focuses all week…..

permission slipAh, but the lesson wasn’t about small stuff like being late with an assignment, or choosing one thing over another to do….the real lesson was about giving ourselves PERMISSION to be the person we really can be….the person that can achieve the greatness of our dreams and goals; the person that can do whatever it is they set out to do…to accomplish day by day, week by week and year by year. PERMISSION to BE, DO or HAVE what their heart’s desire is to BE, DO, or Have.  That kind of PERMISSION!

As simple as it sounds….I simply never thought about it in all my years…and now hundreds of times in just one week….so YES, I do give myself PERMISSION to BE, DO, and HAVE what I truly want….my DMP…Definite Major Purpose for being on this earth’s journey.

Universe…..bring it on! I have given myself permission to embrace all that moves me closer to my DMP!



14 thoughts on “Week 17 Giving myself PERMISSION”

  1. Permission is the theme of the week. Happy you prioritized your grandchildren’s needs while their mother is away. Great job she is doing. I am a “sender/supporter” for my friends, not the “go-er” yet. God bless you. Great heartfelt post!

    1. lydjohnson says:

      Thanks so much Michelle. It feels great receiving such support for some tough decisioning.

  2. Louise says:

    This is a great discussion on permission. In giving yourself permission, you actually dropped the guilt of being late with an assignment and embraced the opportunity to facilitate your daughter’s good work – and in essence be part of her MMA. Well done.

    1. lydjohnson says:

      Louise I didn’t look at it like that but you are so right! Thanks for that. Different perspectives…so cool. BTW, is that a group photo on the Sydney Harbour bridge??

  3. Love your blogs, Lydia! I’m learning a lot from them!

    1. lydjohnson says:

      Thanks Steve. Seems we are all learning a lot from each other. What a ride!

  4. masterkeymarco1 says:

    Lydia, you take “small” day-to-day things and use them as teaching lessons (giving yourself “Permission” to spend time with your grandkids and also “Permission to be late on Blog) That is a great skill of yours and you use it artfully. I really love reading your breezy blogs, yet always meaningful

  5. Lydia I love your blog. I love that you gave yourself permission to be yourself. I am always inspired by your posts!

    1. lydjohnson says:

      Cheryl thanks so much. I so enjoy your Alliance posts as well…seems we are all giving ourselves permission to be magnificent!

  6. Beth Kennedy says:

    You have such a wonderful way of inspiring me. This is another great one. Thanks for the two new affirmation cards: “I give myself PERMISSION to BE, DO, & HAVE my DMP” and “Universe … bring it on! I give myself permission to embrace all that moves me closer to my DMP!”

    1. lydjohnson says:

      Beth, you are an incredible friend and support….thanks for your kind msg :)

  7. David Sigler says:

    ….the real lesson was about giving ourselves PERMISSION to be the person we really can be….the person that can achieve the greatness of our dreams and goals;
    My fav take away! Thanks for that.

    1. lydjohnson says:

      Thanks David!! Value your comments and interest :)

  8. Nicole W says:

    great blog Lydia! Giving myself permission is a game changer.

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