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Week 16 Kindness MKMMA 2014


Our Master Key class is focusing on KINDNESS this past week….we are to have been watching for kindness acts by observing, doing acts ourselves, and receiving kindness acts openly. How wonderful to be part of a class where hundreds of us from all around the world….5 continents are singularly focused on KINDNESSES!

As I write this our class has documented 6042 comments about acts of KINDNESS since last Sunday. Incredible to know that each of these acts and or comments on acts of Kindness have been shared for each of us to read about and enjoy. It is uplifting to know there has been so many acts happening all around us and our classmates. Some have been big, even giant acts of kindness displayed and some have been small acts. What a beautiful way to spend each day….observing acts and doing acts and then sharing with others. Kindness #2

I believe there are thousands and thousands and thousands more that this class alone missed as we went through our days this week. I take comfort in knowing that kindness happens all around us every day, and in our busy lives we do not always take the time to notice the acts…perhaps we are not aware of the many that do take place. I believe they are there, happening day by day nonetheless.

Regardless of size…KINDNESS RULES kindness #4

4 thoughts on “Week 16 Kindness MKMMA 2014”

  1. Sam Kawamura says:

    Lydia, your participation as a guide is definitely an act of KINDNESS. You sacrifice so much for us. Mahalo!!!!

    1. Lydia says:

      Sam, it is people like you that invigorate me! Mahalo.

    2. Lydia says:

      It’s people like you Sam that make it a pleasure to work with :)

  2. you are so right – there were thousands we may not have seen – AND since Kindness does rule – we will continue to see and experience this on a daily basis

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