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Week 12 Belief Rules- MKMMA 2014


It is that time of year for many of us to celebrate the Season…including the MAGIC of the Season. I am blessed to be close in distance and by heart to 3 grandkids….2 of whom still believe in the magic of Santa, of Christmas, and all the things that make it so special. Logic has no place at this time of year. Only BELIEF.

The 3 of us went to the Polar Express train ride and “local” North Pole last weekend….and true to the promises on our tickets we met with Santa and Mrs. Claus and shared our wishes. In every way, it was real. In every way we believed. No doubts, just belief.magic dust


It made me think of the Master Key class so many of us are journeying through. So much of it is about BELIEF …that true, deep down faith that what we truly set our hearts on and hold faithful to and expect, will be there for us. The grandkids remind me of how important it is to hold the belief and hold the faith….magic does happen. Our MK class calls it “inexplicable happenings” …..a fancier way of saying magic happens when you set your goals, repeat them over and over as though you already have them, do a few exercises to hold the desired images in your mind so clearly you can almost touch them…not unlike the Lego City Police set that 4 yr Beckett asked Santa for. Then….sit quietly and envision the wonders that will be so real. Yes, the kids have  it so figured out. No golden Buddha hidden under years of cement. Simple belief in what will be and enjoy the magic that comes with it all.


Enjoy the magic of the Season if that is for you or whatever that means to you…it’s all around us all the time, surprises all year long…Believe and allow the magic to serve your wishes. With love and gratitude….

4 thoughts on “Week 12 Belief Rules- MKMMA 2014”

  1. Tobie Steyn says:

    Thank you for a very special post and that you make us part of your journey.

    1. Lydia says:

      Thank you Tobie… is an honour traveling alongside you and so many adventure travellers :)

  2. Kara Gilson says:

    Wow, wonderful insight and great blog! It really put things into perspective for me because kids do believe wholeheartedly in what they want and this class is all about belief in ourselves and our future desires. Thank you so much for sharing! Have a wonderful holiday! :)

    1. Lydia says:

      Thx Kara. Kids are sometimes our greatest teachers :) Blessings of the Season t you!

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