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WEEK 11 Everything is Connected- even snowflakes


Today I took some liberties from my usual working day routines and played hooky with a fellow MKMMAer. We treated ourselves to a day at an outdoor spa in the mountains…a location where the 2010 Winter Olympics were held. It was an amazing day at a silence retreat….(although we shared whispered conversations more than a few times).

Midday we each read Og, because of course we had to bring him along to commit to our midday readings. As we read, it continued to snow and did so for the full day so we were in and out of fresh white fluff landing on our bathrobes and flip-flop feet. At one point my friend mentioned the sky and universe is coming down on us to connect us to the whole bigger world. Each snowflake connected us more to the universe and also to the surroundings of natural beauty, all around us…. wow a spectacular scene to enjoy for the most part of a day.

have big dreamsWhat was also wonderful was noticing the shapes…the tented yellow caution signs were triangles of course. And the flotation devices in case of an emergency in one of the oversized hot tubs, or worse still in one of the smaller NORDIC freezing tubs…they were perfectly round circles and mostly red. We watched the circular clocks so as not to make us late for leaving…and enjoyed the flavoured water with the perfectly shaped round orange slices.  from the rectangular towels, to the seemingly rectangular waterfalls, wherever we looked, we were connected to a shape which was connected to something else of wonder and awe.

Doing our 15 min sits in a cozy solarium with a winter wonderland from every view, I could not stop thinking of our entire connectedness to everything else. It made me undo the engineering and construction of this amazing retreat and work backwards all the way to the original concept in someone’s mind….a concept only…of what can be. Then all the many many many steps and pieces of the plan would have to have come together to have created this place of silence, peace and wonder… have allowed today’s fresh snow to fall on all the places I got to enjoy while doing my sit, my read, and my own envisioning of what can be. Simply wow.



8 thoughts on “WEEK 11 Everything is Connected- even snowflakes”

  1. busines4u says:

    It’s good to take some time out and envisioning of what can be

  2. isaiahmvt says:

    Wow!! as I read your words I visualized that I was there too….Thanks for sharing. I feel great!!!

  3. Fantastic post Lydia!! What an amazing day, simply wonderful how you connected everything back to MKMMA!!

  4. Heather says:

    Ahhh… a spa day. How wonderful… and doing it with a MKMMA friend… even better. Sounds like an awesome day. Beautifully relaxing… and inspiring at the same time.

  5. This is so believable for me as I live in the Cascade Mtn range, have been involved with retreats with massage therapists, and experienced total relaxation even when a blizzard knocked out the power and we had only candles, oil lamps, and fireplaces. I loved it! Your post helped me remember what a wonderful time that was. Thank you.

  6. Nicole W says:

    What a wonderful day Lydia! Makes me long for a spa day…I love how you felt connected to the universe in your bliss and peace. Thanks for sharing your day!

  7. kayak249 says:

    Beautiful, and meaningful, writing, Lydia, … great for visualization too!

  8. Lydia,
    Certainly sounds like a fun day! I especially like the way you saw all the shapes. I have not had that kind of success with shapes, but your example will help me look harder going forward! Thanks for sharing!

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