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Week 10 Finding your secret lover MKMMA 2014

best friends or secret lovers   This week I would like to spotlight MKMMA classmate Samuel Kawamura. His blog about a secret lover was intriguing and I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did.

FIND YOUR SECRET LOVER Why is it sometimes we go thru life having trouble finding true love?  This was me some 30 years ago.  I had breakups, separations, and divorce while seeking “the perfect one”. What was the dissatisfaction?  Wrong looks?  Wrong temperament? Wrong this or that?  I was “looking looking for love in all the wrong places”.  The problem was not my partners.  The problem was me.  I was looking beyond my nose.  Yes, that’s correct beyond my nose.  What a mistake!  But now all this has changed.  I have found “my secret lover”.  He/she resides within me and you and is waiting to have a love affair.  He/she is our subconscious mind!! Our subconscious mind is definitely our true lover.  From the time we were born till the day we die, he/she will be with us till our very last breath of air.  He/she is always looking after us and protecting us from harm and definitely forms our character.  He/she will give us everything we desire when he/she truly TRUST our thoughts.  Yes, yes, yes.  Look no further for a lover.  There is no one on Earth that can match this lover.  He/she is perfect.  He/she, Subby the subconscious mind,  has given you and me every thing we desired.  It is a cause and effect relationship.  What we have now; what we are now is because we may have been too busy being a spectator of life. Open our hearts to love and seek Subby.  In this way, we can bond with Subby to have peace and harmony in our lives.  Before I go any further may I ask, “what does your lover look like? Do you have a picture of him/her?”  If you don’t know?  Try this imagine what your perfect lover would look like.  Create a vision of Subby.  Give Subby Love! Speak to him/her with thoughts of courage, power self-reliance, and confidence.  Speak to Subby in TRUTH and he/she will revel the world to us.  Make this affirmation, “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.”  Feel it when you say it.  Believe it.  And when we operate with trust and there is a love affair going on with Subby, “game over”.  Why?  Because we will be in love, unselfish love, with ourselves and Subby.  Wow wouldn’t it be nice if this brings another lover called “hubby”, your life. I thank you for reading my blog.  I thank you MKMMA for helping me find my “true love”. Listen

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