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Week 1 Ready, Set, Go!

Ever play catch up to something you are trying to do but with enthusiasm, yet with some reluctance intertwined?

That’s how I just spent the last almost 2 hrs…what a ride! This Master Mind Alliance on the Master Keys System has me spinning with excitement as well as some crazy reluctance to watch the next screen shot. What’s up with that, I asked myself several times. Turns out EXACTLY what I am trying to change is what is trying to hold me back some…..complicated to figure out, yet super easy at the same time.

My blueprint…my belief system, my operating system, my mother board where all my programs are stored….it knows one set of things best for me, yet I want more… yet getting the more conflicts with some of my old crap of beliefs! Getting more is going to be the wild ride but better still is “updating” my old program along this journey and discovering all that I can be, do and have is not only easier than I have imagined, but will become my new updated program! I guess Apple goes through this with every new release of the many applications it offers us all. And we can do the same…how cool is that?

Am I ready for the ride? Of courses I answer myself with a loud yes! Yet…a small weak voice says ever so niggling …how dare you want more? I picture her sitting on my left shoulder…the little me, only about 6 inches tall, but she carries enough power in that small frame and with the small voice, to bother me some. My next 6 months will be the work to shove her off of my shoulder, weaken her voice and eventually see her only as a memory.

So now I have the next steps of this journey mapped out for myself….a few to-do boxes ticked, and more to follow later today.  I feel the WOW. I feel the Belief…and yes i still feel that small voice niggling at me….oh yeah, this is going to be a great ride!

Ready, set….GO!


3 thoughts on “Week 1 Ready, Set, Go!”

  1. Glad to be doing this with you you Lyd!!!

  2. I manifested that I wanted to have you in my MasterMind group & voila! Very glad to share the Master Key Journey with you.

  3. Yes. Pendulum swings, my beautiful ballerina calls them (bride Trish). That “little voice” has large influence now. Not sure it ever actually goes away. The “true voice” just gets progressively stronger, I believe, and hence “wins” more & more. That’s the Journey! And I feel privileged to share it with you :)

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