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Master Key Experience Course Launch -only days away!

By now, I have shared my personal experience of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance Experience with many friends, whether over a coffee, or by way of social media posts where I have shared what a truly life changing shift this valuable course has been for me as well as many others I have had the privilege to journey with through the weeks. The wait is over…only days to go and we are taking registrations! Be sure to opt in so you can be sure to get the class registration link in the next few days!  

Wondering whether to join our class? The Master Key Experience guru himself wrote this recent post which I am proud to snag some sections of, and share excerpts with you…(as I travel on the opposite side of the world and live one of my own personal dreams). Enjoy Mark’s post here…

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No, I’m not talking about this post.   I’m talking about the two “big” questions that most people go to great lenghts to avoid.   To avoid the two biggies, we fill our lives with distractions and devices.

  1.  What is your purpose?
  2.  What do you want?

Purpose.   Big word. Most people have a vague [big mistake I made for years] “goal” list.   If you look closely it is really a list of what we DO NOT WANT … not what we truly desire.

We WANT to get rid of our debt?  We WANT to get rid of the old car? We WANT to make enough money on a business we started so we can walk from our job? The debate is over, success begins within.

These are not wants!   These are really “don’t wants” … success can never be built on absence and several hundred people discovered true purpose in the 2014 Master Key Mastermind Alliance.

Getting rid of that old car, clearing out debt…hey, those are good things to “accomplish” but fall far, far short of real achievement.   I mean, really, do we want the legacy of our life to be….”Harry was a good guy, he paid off is credit card debt and got a nicer, newer car”?

There are the big questions in life and filling our lives with distractions, mini-dramas and pointless deadlines becomes a habit…it’s a bad habit.   Really bad habit because it becomes a way of life and, let’s be honest here…our lives are over in the blink of an eye.  I know first hand of what I write here…I had that habit.

Failure is not fatal, failue to change may be”  John Wooden

Change takes effort, consistent and challenging work.   Most people, and I’m like most people so I’m including myself here….most people do not have a clue about the world within and how to make changes within [I sure didn’t…hell, I did not know about the world within, not a clue].

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We have been “exploited and spoiled” around speed and convenience.   Change takes effort, hard mental labor. The payoff is bigger than you could ever imagine…really huge.  It is very hard work [probably lost half the readers there ] to break old habits and replace them with new ones…but once you “get” the Master Key Experience, each change you desire becomes easier and easier.   The fuel to drive the effort in the beginning comes from discovering your true purpose in your life and knowing what you really want…the two big questions answered led to an endless supply of energy.

For Mark’s complete post click here Mark J blog post. Thanks Mark!

So….want a change in your life? Why not take the challenge and join our Sept 2015/16 class for the ride of your life? Find out how YOU have EVERYTHING inside of you already, to making all your dreams a reality!

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