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Week 14 Happy New Year- really… MKMMA 2014

2014-5  Welcome to 2015!


My mother used to say that the years go by faster when you get older. I used to think she was being a little dramatic and starting to lose it. Now I say the same thing to my own daughter who already has begun to say it to her own daughter. How is that even possible? Some how it is.

Maybe as we get older we count the many things we didn’t get done as we get to the end of a year and add those things onto our lists for the coming year. Maybe our intentions are bigger than our actions and we feel the sense of time running out. I’m not completely sure, but I truly sense that feeling of speed with time…faster with every year that passes…like a go-cart gaining speed as it starts downhill and maxes out just before it comes to a crashing halt. hhmm, I’m not going there in my thinking…although a crashing halt is inevitable…at some point. That thought will not induce my thinking now…

On a brighter note, it is a time to think of the coming calendar year…flipping that last page of your wall calendar…if you still have a paper based version hanging somewhere….and flipping into the New Year… Wow…what a thrill and at the same time, a sad reality that the whole year is now over …and what was done was done, and what was not completed..well…didn’t make the year end cut. The New Year comes with mixed emotions.

Master Key teaches us the Law of Substitution…..getting out of one thought and onto another so as not to mire in what we don’t want to be feeling. The trick is making that switch fast and enjoying the refreshed feelings of the more positive way of looking at the end of one year and the bright sparkling birth of another! I choose to view the calendar flip as a positive experience and wave fondly goodbye to 2014…giving thanks to the many experiences it allowed me to feel. So…..

happy new year

Yes…Happy New Year to you! Have you ever stopped to think of those 3 words…Happy New Year? We roll them off our tongues so quickly and grabbed them out of the air so nonchalantly when we are given them as a gift from someone near. It is said so many times and I hazard to guess out of seasonal habit more than the actual meaning of those 3 simple words. They are of course wonderful to hear but when we do hear them, are we actually receiving them with our hearts or just with our ears? When we send them, are we sending them as just words or as truly heart felt messages of happiness? I like to think I send them with a true meaning of love and happiness going to someone for the coming year. It occurred to me today as I was grabbing some groceries that both the cashier and I said those 3 words to each other, but as I walked back to my car, I realized I had not even noticed her face….as I grabbed the 3 words from the air. Did she remember me, I wondered as well?

I share this to remind myself  that wishing you a Happy New Year is meaningless and simply 3 words, unless you receive them knowing they are from my heart and truly wishing you a HAPPY year ahead….that is actually a fantastic gift to anyone….so I wish it for you! Thanks for being part of my calendar flip onto 2015! Blessings to you. With love…

new years blank book

4 thoughts on “Week 14 Happy New Year- really… MKMMA 2014”

  1. Lovely transition from memes to being in the moment Lyd. Interestingly we both went down a similar page for New Years. This is the quote I sent out to our team from Edith Lovejoy Pierce “We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.” Am pleased to have been part of your 2014 and look forward to amazing things in 2015! Blessings of abundance.

    1. Lydia says:

      It is so true when we stop to really think about it. I am sooo thrilled to start Chapter 1 of 2015 knowing you and your dreams! May we both write spectacular pages every day! xo

  2. linda says:

    This is so true Lydia bout time and also saying those 3 little words. I too am guilty of just rattling them off but your blog really hit home. I just dais it to my husband and what a difference in both of us … he heard the love and I truly said it with love and what a difference…makes me realize what else am I saying unconsciously…thanks for the insight.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR Lydia from my heart to lyours.

    1. Lydia says:

      Thx Linda. I was out and about today and was sincere each time I said it and it felt so much better :) Glad you think so too.

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